Explore Delhi, Agra, Jaipur by booking Golden Triangle Tour Package

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India is one of the most travelled countries in that world that has many holiday destinations. This beautiful nation has many amazing destinations that are fit for making your holidays -memorable. In case you need to see the brilliant picture of medieval India, then Golden Triangle tour from “Vacation Trip India” is the most logical option. It is a standout amongst the other tours to India which gives you a chance to explore the cultural and royal heritage of India. Golden Triangle Tour is a standout amongst the other famous travel routes in India which includes exploring major highlights in 3 cities – Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. These three cities exhibit the influence of Mughal, Rajput and British architecture in their historical monuments, which are visited by travellers from different parts of the world. Other than memorable and legacy buildings, these popular cities are also famous for vivid bazaars and varied vegetation.

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Get best deals and customer service on holiday packages for India

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India tour will show the magnificence of this versatile and flamboyant country. Each tour package would draw out a more current and significant discovery; all the famous places have a unique aura completely different from others. The holiday packages from “Vacation Trip India” will fulfil the desire of every tourist coming from different part of the world. Any tour of India will not be complete without the visit to the heart of this nation. This includes major tourist places, such as Dhar, Agra, Bhopal, Khajuraho, Delhi, Mumbai, Jhansi and Gwalior that all together completes the essence of the central and northern parts of this country.

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Enjoy adventure tours by booking packages online from Vacation Trip India

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The forests and wild jungles of India are the abode for more than 4000 types of flora & fauna and 3000 wildlife species. By booking wildlife safari tours of India, you can get remarkable experience and chance to explore exotic flavour and natural beauty of Indian jungles. “Vacation Trip India” knows that this country has the best collection of wildlife surprisingly. Distinctive sanctuaries and national parks compel tourists from different parts of the world to visit more than once. All the acclaimed tiger reserves in India are have been the main attraction for foreign and Indian tourists.

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Enjoy natural beauty of Nepal with tour packages from Vacation Trip India

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An extraordinary place for enjoyment and adventure in natural beauty is Nepal. Nepal tour packages from “Vacation Trip India” take you through Himalayan highlights, wherein this perfectly, conspicuous tourist attraction is found. Well-known as a beautiful country, the magnificence of Nepal lies in the culture, nature, and adventure that this nation gives. The whole landscape is full of lakes, mid-hills, valleys and mountains. Many rivers flow out of Nepal, meeting the Ganges. Nepal tour package can be easily combined with India to explore famous tourist attractions.

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Enjoy vacation by choosing one of the best travel agencies – Vacation Trip India

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Are you looking for the best travel agency in India? Choose “Vacation Trip India” that is offering different types of tour packages, including Golden triangle tours, Rajasthan tour packages, Nepal tours and South India Tour Packages. All the major tourist destinations in India are covered under the various tour packages. You can book such tour packages by contacting our travel experts through email or phone call. Our company has always given priority to international as well as domestic tourists. We are known for creating tours that are tailor-made and easily customizable to create an itinerary based on traveler’s budget and interest.

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Bespoke Golden Triangle Tours from best travel agent – Vacation Trip India

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India’s Golden Triangle Tour is comprised of mainly three cities that include Jaipur, Agra, and Delhi. This particular tour is a standout amongst the most famous tourist routes in India. It covers major tourist attractions in the three cities mentioned as above. These three cities really speak about the ancient and rich Indian culture, customs, legacy, grand history and model legacy and seen as a total package for the tourists coming to India. Due to this reason, “Vacation Trip India” is offering bespoke Golden Triangle Tours to domestic as well as international tourists.

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