Explore Delhi, Agra, Jaipur by booking Golden Triangle Tour Package

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India is one of the most travelled countries in that world that has many holiday destinations. This beautiful nation has many amazing destinations that are fit for making your holidays -memorable. In case you need to see the brilliant picture of medieval India, then Golden Triangle tour from “Vacation Trip India” is the most logical option. It is a standout amongst the other tours to India which gives you a chance to explore the cultural and royal heritage of India. Golden Triangle Tour is a standout amongst the other famous travel routes in India which includes exploring major highlights in 3 cities – Jaipur, Agra and Delhi. These three cities exhibit the influence of Mughal, Rajput and British architecture in their historical monuments, which are visited by travellers from different parts of the world. Other than memorable and legacy buildings, these popular cities are also famous for vivid bazaars and varied vegetation.

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Explore the rich traditional South India with “Vacation Trip India”

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South India Tours have a worldwide presence and very well known due to its exceptional tourist attractions as well as a long coastal belt, natural beauty, and warm hospitality. All the tourists coming to India get a chance to relax their mind, soul, and health through the Kerala ayurvedic treatments. Tourists from everywhere throughout the world are attracted to explore India on account of its cultural, geographical and historical importance. A substantial number of tourists make their tour to south India consistently to explore south Indian magnificence and appeal. Due to this reason, “Vacation Trip India” is offering tailor-made South India Tour Packages to explore famous tourist attractions.

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A tour of India with best travel operator – “Vacation Trip India”

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India – a country that is known for different cultural practices, geographical magnificence, religions and much more. This country for some time has been acknowledged for all its unique aspects. These features of the country have charmed traveling souls, several vacationers, keen historians, nature lovers, and enthusiasts of art to visit India for an ordeal that is essentially enthralling. The prerequisite of utilizing the service of a tour operator like “Vacation Trip India” begins from the very truth that this country has famous tourist attractions and that visit to India will be a memorable experience. The presence of such India tour packages can tempt a traveler’s mind and creates need for getting professional assistance from us.

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What to carry in your backpack for travel to India?

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We all have one or the other expertise and one of mine is carrying a perfectly filled backpack. If you are planning a vacation in India, then packing some important things is necessary. Many people love travelling to India, but sometimes forget things that can cause irritation as well as anxiety. So, if you are planning a travel to India and accept my knowledge, then confidently follow the below mentioned list of things to be packed.

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